Breaking ground


The owners of Handy Bros. Home Comfort trusted their experienced staff when it came time to break ground for their new warehouse.

In a ceremonial groundbreaking, owners Mitch and Nic White went with more than 185 years of service to put the first shovels in the ground.

Al Magliaro (28 years), Ben Seney (33 years), Paul Scherle (35 years), Randy Pook (25 years), Todd Picard (25 years), and Dan Loveday (37 years) did the honours at the site that used to house Duke’s Harley-Davidson next to RM Auto Restoration.

“Our company was built on the backs of these hard-working individuals,” said Mitch White. “It only seems right that they do the honours in taking the first dig. We’re so excited to finally be breaking ground!”

Handy Bros. outgrew their current location on Communications Road at the north end of Blenheim. They have 55 people working for them, and not enough space for everyone at this point.




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