Province still investigating in Wheatley


The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry seeks to identify the source of hydrogen sulphide gas that’s been coming out of the ground in Wheatley.

Ministry staff are consulting with industry experts to develop plans for the investigation.

The province will share additional information with the municipality and the public as it becomes available, according to Chatham-Kent officials.

In the interim, the emergency declaration remains in place at 15 Erie St. N. – the site of hydrogen sulphide gas detection in June and again in July – and gas monitoring has been maintained at this location. There has been no new detection of gas since July 19.

The municipality is working with the property owner and ministry staff to develop plans that will ensure the rescinding of the emergency declaration, officials said.

As was the case with the emergency declaration in June, municipal staff recommend gas monitoring continues after the declaration is rescinded.

Given the recurrence of the gas detection, the ongoing monitoring offers an increased level of safety for those working in the building and ensures emergency services can be notified and a further public evacuation can be implemented, if needed, officials said.




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