Two green thumbs up

This massive tomato plant just keeps growing in the backyard of Chatham resident Don Jacobs. He got an early start with his plants inside in February, and it has paid off.

Taking a look in Don Jacobs’ backyard, you’d think he has more than a green thumb.

Two green thumbs, and perhaps two green big toes too, given the size of some of his plants this year.

Then again, Jacobs is a retired farmer and he knows a thing or two about growing vegetables.

One plant at the back of his house is more than 10-feet high, having reached his soffit.

He began his latest home crop back in February, indoors of course.

“We got a heat map and a grow light,” Jacobs said. “We had our plants on tables. We had 40 tomato plants and 20 pepper plants. They were as high as my head when I planted them outside.”

The preparations for life outdoors for the plants involved setting the plants outside on the back deck. But the wind kept blowing the large ones over, as they were quite top heavy.

Jacobs’s backyard features the tomatoes and peppers, as well as cucumbers, peas and green beans.

“I’ve always liked doing it. The challenge is to see if you can do a good job of it.

Judging by the size of his plants and the ripening fruits and vegetables, he is good at his hobby.




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