Park Avenue industrial park sells out Phase 1

Heavy equipment works behind a survey crew as preliminary construction progressed quickly at a new Park Avenue West industrial park.

The new industrial property under construction at Park Avenue East and Sass Road in Chatham is sold out for its Phase 1 lots.

“It’s been going really, really well so far. We started a few weeks ago and are moving forward. We started right after the COVID lockdown came to an end. So we’ve had no issues yet and are hoping to stay that way,” said Samantha McFadden, director of marketing and public relations for Apollo General Contracting.

The privately developed land will feature 15 lots; eight in its first phase and seven in its second. The company is planning to finish Phase 1 by June 30, weather permitting.

McFadden said there has been a lot of demand on the space from both commercial and industrial businesses as well as a mix of local and out-of-town buyers.

“I think for the out-of-towners, especially in the Toronto market, it’s so much cheaper than the experience the larger markets offer. It’s so exciting seeing businesses moving to Chatham-Kent,” she said.

McFadden added that the location is ideal for different uses because of its proximity to the Highway 401 and lot spaces, which allow “room for growth.”

Stuart McFadden, director of Chatham-Kent economic development, said it was “absolutely phenomenal” to see private businesses developing land in Chatham-Kent, and selling lots quickly to other private businesses.

“When you see private investors doing this and investing in infrastructure, that’s very hopeful to the community because when the municipality has to do it, it costs millions of dollars. This is taking loads off the municipality,” he said.

“(Apollo Contracting) are spending millions of dollars servicing the land which is just great that they have the confidence in the market. It will allow the municipality to direct money in other things that have to be fixed and invested in.”

Stuart McFadden attributes the success of reeling in outside businesses to the company, and Economic Development, promoting Chatham-Kent outside of the community.

“So hopefully this marketing we’ve been doing is bringing awareness to Chatham-Kent,” he said.

Economic Development continues to get phone calls from people and businesses interested in serviced land that is ready to go, however, although there are a lot of empty spaces, not all are shovel ready. Stuart McFadden said the next steps for the municipality will be to plan for those lots to ensure they are prepared for future investors.




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