Vaccination experience a good one


Editor: I got shot recently. Don’t worry, I survived.

It happened on Richmond Street, at the Bradley Centre. It was the COVID vaccine shot.

Everything about this experience was incredible. From the ease with which my wife and I were able to make appointments using the local reservation system, to the precision yet simplicity of the actual vaccination procedure, I was blown away by the organization and structure of the process. It was like a Swiss watch, but with people instead of moving parts.

To the people who designed the flow of this process and the individual steps, I offer my highest compliments and thanks. Thanks especially to Dr. Colby, who as the local medical officer of health had the courage to be a leader tailoring this experience to our local environment rather than blindly following the provincial pattern as so many other locales have done.

We, the residents of Chatham-Kent are richer for the leadership and creativity that has been demonstrated with this vaccination process.

David Goldsmith





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