Drugs, the other pandemic


Editor: It seem that we read almost weekly about another drug bust where people are charged with trafficking. This a second pandemic that is killing hundreds all across the country on a daily basis and touching everyone directly or indirectly.
It is very frustrating to me to see the arrest of theses drug dealers only to be given a slap on the wrists and set free to offend again. The police are frustrated by this and I would go as far as to say so are the judges!

The spin-off crimes from the drug dealing are immense; robberies, break-ins and the trickle of crime goes on.

We need stiffer sentencing and deterrents for such crime. Mandatory jail time for repeat offenders, no more slaps on the wrists.

We can’t blame the judges for this; they are bound by sentencing guidelines handed down to them. What we need to do, and I urge everyone to pass this on to all your friends and neighbours, is to call, e-mail, or write your Member of Parliament to increase the guidelines and allow harsher penalties and do it again and again until we send a clear message to politicians and drug dealers that it is not acceptable.

Bruce Thompson




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