Mask order would simplify things


Editor: The following is just my personal opinion/observation. I am in no way forcing my beliefs onto anyone. 

Am I pro mask? Absolutely not. What a ridiculous, if not condescending, phrase to use.

Same goes for anti mask. Just as silly. 

One of the reasons I am not against mandatory masks is simple: If we are all made equal, the two sides of this debate will hopefully calm down and relax a little. A win win. 

What this means is less turmoil/conflict for business owners and employees. Instead of businesses having to independently mandate masks and causing frustration between customers and businesses, having a straight- forward, easy-to-follow mandatory mask bylaw would even the playing field. 

I don’t wake up in the morning and say to myself, “Wow, today is a great day to wear a mask.”

I, like nearly every person on the planet, would rather not wear a face covering. 

Mask vs. no mask has divided many otherwise calm, rational people to the point of harassment, bullying, threats, violence, defamation, paranoia and more conspiracy theories than a shopping cart full of toilet paper. 


Sean Moore



  1. Its not bullying


    It is pure frustration , a large % of the population of CK…doing the guidelines ,being shut in …And the numbers still go up…our appointments , families and lives have been cancelled, with no concern about everyone else moves on …How are we suppose to feel ..If a mask can help?


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