Bill for Erie Shore Drive Phase 1 repairs total: $462K


Jenna Cocullo, Local Journalism Initiative

Chatham-Kent received the invoice for Phase 1 of the Erie Shore Drive dike repairs.

A report at Monday night’s virtual council meeting stated that the amount of $462,576 will be funded from the Paved Roads Lifecycle Reserve for the dike improvements done in March.

The work comes after the road was closed earlier this year out of fear that the dike would breach.

The costs are for material, equipment, labour, a portion of the consulting and some of the contract services, said Thomas Kelly, general manager, Infrastructure and Engineering Services. The indirect costs related to management and internal engineering labour were not included in the cost. 

Costs were also significantly reduced due to the use of in-house labour and equipment, along with the donation of clay, equipment and operators from Waste Connections of Canada.

“The original estimated timing to complete the work was six to eight weeks. Through extended hours and the hard work of Public Works staff, and the prompt supply of material, the project was completed in just three weeks,” the report stated.

The 2020 budget allocation for Paved Roads Lifecycle is $11.5 million. The expenses related to Phase 1 will reduce the number of paved road maintenance projects that are able to be completed in future years. 

Phase 2 of Erie Shore Drive repairs will look at more permanent solutions for the dike repair. The Chatham-Kent Lake Erie Shoreline Study prepared by Zuzek Inc., released in April, detailed anticipated risks and coastal hazards due to climate change.

The total repairs for the most vulnerable areas of the shoreline could cost up to $217 million.

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