Local firm established to keep C-K businesses clean

EnviraPro founders Kevin McKim, centre, and Brent DeNure, right, are shown here with Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff, left.

Three local entrepreneurs teamed up recently to help disinfect Chatham-Kent.

EnviraPro, a commercial and residential disinfecting service, is now open for business in Chatham-Kent.

Founders Rob Browning, Kevin McKim, and Brent DeNure identified the urgent need for surface disinfectant practices in both commercial and residential settings and founded EnviraPro with the goal of helping businesses open safely and remain open, according to a media release.

“Our goal is to help our clients protect their most valuable assets: their customers and employees. We perform thorough indoor surface disinfection using the most advanced technology and methods tested to eliminate 99.9 per cent of harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi,” said McKim, Director of Operations.

EnviraPro technicians use a sprayer that features a patent-pending technology which introduces an electrostatic charge to the treatment solution. Doing so greatly maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment to all angles of the surface envelope, whether horizontal, vertical, angled, shadowed or underneath, according to the release.
“The technology we’re using is also environmentally friendly, using 100-per-cent botanical ingredients, and is Health Canada certified” DeNure said. “Spray time for a medium-sized business is roughly an hour, with re-entry into the space permitted in another 60 minutes. We’ve designed this process to be extremely effective while causing minimal interruptions to our clients’ operations.”

Mayor Darrin Canniff, on the new businesses opening, said “COVID-19 has brought about several new business opportunities and Chatham-Kent welcomes new business ventures such as EnviraPro that are providing these much needed services to our community.”

For more information on EnviraPro, visit www.envirapro.com, e-mail info@envirapro.com or give them a call at 833-436-8472.





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