C-K cop pleads guilty to assault, given 3-year probation


Jenna Cocullo, Local Journalism Initiative

A Chatham-Kent police officer received three years on probation after pleading guilty to charges of assault and uttering threats to cause bodily harm.

On Thursday, Const. Darcy Lunn appeared before Judge Deborah Austin at the provincial court in Sarnia. All parties consented to hold an audio hearing amid court closures due to COVID-19.

Between Feb. 1, 2015 and March 31, 2015, Lunn committed crimes of assault against his then-wife. During that year, he also uttered threats with intent to cause bodily harm at her workplace, witnessed by coworkers.

Lunn pled guilty to both charges.

Lunn’s now ex-wife filed charges on Oct. 31, 2019, through the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Sarnia out of fear the Chatham-Kent Police Service may not take her claims seriously. When the charges were first brought forth, Lunn was suspended from duty. He remains suspended with pay, according to Chatham-Kent Police Service officials.

Austin issued a suspended sentence with three years’ probation. Lunn is not allowed to possess a weapon except for a firearm issued by the Chatham-Kent Police Service while working. Any weapon issued by his employer must be left at the workplace when not in use.

Lunn had no previous criminal record.

Police Act proceedings may follow after Thursday’s trial. If Lunn is found guilty or pleads guilty at a disciplinary hearing, penalties could involve unpaid suspension, demotion of rank, or dismissal.

Chatham-Kent Police Service officials said they were aware of the court proceedings that took place on Thursday and that Lunn remains suspended with pay.





  1. Fire his ass. Why is there a seperate set of laws and consideration for Cops who Break the Law?!! TAX PAYERS are Paying his wages while he is on this leave for How Long?!! Any other citizen would not receive this same consideration, also TAX PAYERS Need to speak up and put an end to this Double Standard that has been shown historically. #TakeBackCanada

  2. Why are they allowed to keep their job? If this isnt a fire able offence, what is, absolute corrupt system we have especially when it comes to police

  3. Wtf.. he plead guilty in Sarina to the charges! I don’t blame the wife for taking it out of Chatham-kent! But he clearly can have a gun while working in Chatham! Seriously!! This is why most people in Chatham have no respect for our so called police! I honestly hope one day we record everything good or bad in Chatham that involves the police to make a change! Tax payers pay their checks! We need to make that very clear! Laws are in place for a reason not what they feel as a cop is justifiable!


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