More answers needed on Boardwalk

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Sir: I would like to take this opportunity to support Michael Bondy’s comments, questions and concerns as stated in the Chatham Voice, Feb. 6 around the Boardwalk on the Thames.

It is for certain that this white elephant of 10 years is long overdue completion and what is probably more frustrating is that the municipality appears to have no control of the building and possible completion date.

If they cannot receive any information or support from Victor Boutin, the building permit should be revoked or heavy penalties should be levied.

When the building permit was issued, were there not any stipulations put in place and should the municipality’s legal personnel have addressed this or other shortcomings? Is that not what they are there for; to identify any loopholes?

Once again are we being held hostage against freedom of information? Mr. Bondy’s questions and concerns have been long overdue being answered.

As this has been going on for, let’s say 10 years now, maybe the previous regime could shed some light on the situation as it appeared to me that they and Victor worked hand in hand. Someone with honesty and integrity needs to stand up to the plate and address these issues.

A very sad state of affairs for sure.

If council members (from the top down) cannot receive answers to their questions, it is time to leave and turn out the lights.

Sam Vincent





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