Do you have a security camera?


Private home security is a priority for residents in Chatham-Kent. This, combined with population growth, has led to an increasing number of residential video surveillance cameras being installed at private residences.

And now Chatham-Kent police would love to know if you own one.

Home security cameras are an effective crime prevention tools that also assist in solving crime. These benefits extend beyond the home to include the community, police say.

Officers will often contact homeowners to inquire about video surveillance while investigating a crime that has occurred elsewhere in the neighbourhood.

The Security Camera Registry is a community-based crime prevention opportunity and investigative resource that enlists the help of Chatham-Kent residents.

This registry enables community members to voluntarily identify their residential video surveillance location through a simple, secure, confidential, online form located on the Chatham-Kent Police Service website, according to police.

Identified addresses will be mapped on a database of surveillance camera locations for officers to quickly and effectively direct resources when investigating criminal offences in your neighbourhood.

Police say participation in this program can deter and prevent crime, and save lives.

For more information or to register your security camera, please visit





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