Slow down in school zones

Feb 24 • Letters to the EditorNo Comments on Slow down in school zones

Sir: Wow, breaking news: Police services recently announced that 32 speeders were fined after police enforcement for a four-hour period in a 40 km/h safety zone.

The way I look at it is they [the police} finally woke up.

Why not keep doing this to protect our school children five days a week? Do it until the public gets the message, and keep us informed.

We have a son in Ottawa and when visiting him I drive through many 40 km/h school zones and it is refreshing to see how the motoring public there respects these zones. Why? Through constant police surveillance and overtime delivering the message to slow down.

I have to admit that even I got the message.

Do I sound cynical? Darn right!

Frank Vajdik




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