PSW open house set for Dec. 5


In an effort to help fill a large void, St. Clair College is holding a Personal Support Worker information night Dec. 5.

The college is hosting events in the main lobby at the Thames Campus in Chatham, and in Windsor from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

School staff said there is a “desperate need” for PSWs in Ontario, and the college is offering $1,000 bursaries for registered students.

Officials said previous PSW graduating classes have seen every graduate receive job offers.

At the info nights, faculty and industry representatives will be on hand to answer any questions.




  1. We need more PSW,s on the floor but it is true that they are underpaid for the work the stress that they face on a daily basis.Health care needs to realize that 2 people working side by side doing the same job but getting paid much less because of wage grid systems is discriminatory…Lay people do not realize what staff in nursing homes and hospitals go through on a daily basis.the physical psychological verbal and sexual abuse staff face daily!!!Wages need to increase in this field prospective students see this and are frightened away from what can be a very rewarding field…oh yeah stop trying to eliminate full time jobs with benefits as well…see how much less get into the field…the powers that be are fully aware of what needs to be done to reverse this long term care hospital staffing crisis but keep their heads in the sand…I can go on…


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