Of cow farts and climate change


Sir: If I dare to write a response to the recent letter on the climate and the Carbon Tax I may well raise the temperature of some readers. It amazes me so many can take such a myopic view. Have we lost the ability to even consider what it takes to change anything? Have we forgotten how this nation and every other nation progressed?

I’ve never taken a side on the causes of climate change, which is really what everyone is arguing, since no scientific data, organizations, or groups can agree. Except politicians and the media.

Surely no one honestly believes that a trend will only go in one direction? Do people actually believe that the stock market or Bitcoin will always go up? Or deny that oil rich desserts were once lush with vegetation that formed the oil in the first place? If we haven’t been taught that change has been around since the beginning of time, then it’s sad that I have to throw fuel to the fire.

Ok, so you want extra taxes to fix whatever you want fixed, fine, then the government needs more money. The only source for their growing deficits and debt is the public sector. It doesn’t fall out of the sky or printed at the mint, the source of a nation’s wealth is its peoples’ collective ability to produce. But the government is taking more while not giving us anything in return. It is the people that produce the taxes, the public sector, that has seen declining wages and more taxes for decades in real dollars.

Taxation and poor governance has caused our nation’s production, GDP (look it up), to decline since 2015. Unless these politicians start giving something back to their citizens, this will not end well.

It’s a pity that our elected zombies are so narrowly focused on issues that fail to cover what governance of this once new frontier was founded, the interests and prosperity of its citizens. Our founders ran away from high taxation. Did you forget?

Without reason to better our lives, the incentive to produce declines. We Canadians have become stagnant.

If you want to do something about pollution, or climate change, or farting cows, then there has to be incentive for a nation’s citizens to do so. Each must prosper, not just those with the power, the banks, and the military.

​Robert Hakker



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