Has our justice system been compromised?


Sir: Several questions come to mind as to where the municipal, provincial and federal governments are going.

Has our legal system been undermined by the mega corporations which makes them untouchable to ordinary citizens?

Municipal, provincial and federal politicians are all talking about their willingness to attempt to combat global warming and climate change, but do nothing to prevent multi-nationals from building turbines that are perhaps doing irreparable damage to our aquifer.

Why are they allowing this injustice to continue without an investigation of damage done and effects on well water and consequently human and animal health issues?

What if they were warned about potential problems? What if Hydro One had done a study that indicated that piles should not be used for tower construction on their lines, but the MOECC allowed them to be driven for turbine construction?

Think of an elderly couple that has had safe drinking water for decades until the turbine construction took place. Drinking water and water for cooking now has to be purchased in 20-litre containers, carried to their vehicle, carried to their house and then placed, inverted, on a water dispenser. There is also the worry of grandchildren or great grandchildren drinking water from a tap like they do at their homes.

Does this border on elder abuse committed by the municipal, provincial and federal governments who allowed the construction to take place without due diligence?

Is it bullying when the strong and large prey upon the weak and small?

Does it matter whether they are people, companies or government?

Is this the example that the government is portraying to our children and grandchildren?

Elder abuse is defined by the World Health Organization as, “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person.”

The lack of action by the Ministry of Environment, (or whatever their currently used name is now) and the Attorney General’s office severely erode any trust that older persons have in getting any form of protection from having multi-national companies ruining our environment, our aquifer and our normal quality of life.

Are you trying to change us into a Third World country?

The problem with the effects of turbine construction is not limited to Chatham-Kent as has been suggested. Is it not true that at least five water wells in North Stormont have been impacted by the activities at the Nation Rise Wind Project and also in Niagara by the Niagara Region Wind Farm? How many other areas in Ontario have also had problems that have not been disclosed to the public?

There are rumours of problems in the Kincardine area as well. How high in government does this go? Has no one in government realized that when you keep doing the same thing, that you get the same result?

Is this a case for bullying, elder abuse or simply a government that no longer respects its constituents and serves the wishes or demands of multi-national companies?

This past week, the charges against the Ministry of the Environment and wind companies were dropped by a lawyer representing the Ministry of the Attorney General. In his interview with the media, Brian Wilkie said, “Based on the review, I’ve been instructed to intervene and also withdraw the charges.” In my mind, this poses some questions.

Did he personally review all of the material and make that recommendation, or was he “instructed” by someone who had not reviewed it all?

Or did they only review convenient parts of the material presented?

Who instructed him to take those actions? The Attorney General? An assistant? One of the ministers? The premier? A company representative?

Professor Joel Gagnon tracked and found wind direction affected the amount of methane coming into the water well.

“So clearly there is a link between the operation of the turbines and water quality,” he said. What part of this did the legal team in the Attorney General’s office not understand? Did they bother reading everything that was presented?

What would our forefathers, who were leaders in municipal, provincial and gederal government and who had the foresight to build this nation, think about how those values are being bartered away? As we approach Remembrance Day, is this the standard in our country that our brave soldiers gave their lives to protect?

Is this just the first of miscarriages of justice in Ontario? Will we be a society where only the powerful will prevail?

Peter J Hensel

Dover Centre


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