Are there more victims out there?

Sep 5 • Feature Story, Local News1 Comment on Are there more victims out there?

Chatham-Kent police reached out to the public this week, asking for people to come forward if they were victims of sexual assault at the hands of Ron Inghelbrecht.

In 2011, police arrested Inghelbrecht, 56, for sex-related offences.

He was convicted the following year of sexual assault and two counts of possession of child pornography.

But recently the police have received new information, and investigators want to ensure there are no other victims.

Anyone with information regarding Inghelbrecht is urged to contact Const. Cole Abbott at or 519-380-6024.




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  1. MCurrie says:

    Maybe if you put a picture? Or described where people might have encountered this Ron dude you might find more connections.

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