Assaulting a cop


An effort to offer some advice didn’t work out as planned for a Chatham-Kent police officer last night.

Police say just before midnight, an officer on patrol saw a man wearing dark clothing riding a bike against traffic and with no lights on the bike. This was on St. Clair Road near Heritage Line just outside Wallaceburg.

Police say the officer was concerned for the man’s safety and tried to talk to him about road safety, but the man ignored the officer and rode away.

The officer pulled alongside the man again, this time to try to get the man’s identity, and police say the man steered his bike into the front left bumper of the cruiser, causing minor damage.

The man hopped off his bike and reached into the cruiser to grab the officer, police say.

The cop got out of the car and went to arrest the man. At that time, police say the man resisted and threatened the officer. Following a short struggle, he wound up in the back of the cruiser.

At police headquarters, police say the man again refused to provide his identity. His fingerprints were used in solving that question.

A 56-year-old Chatham Township man is charged with failing to identify, mischief, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and uttering threats.



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