Curry letter attacks issue perfectly

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Sir: This note is written with thanks and admiration in support of Jillian Curry and her intelligent, articulate letter which appeared in The Chatham Voice April 18, “MPP’s comments concerning.”

I will not re-state Ms. Curry’s objections to MPP Rick Nicholls’ Facebook post demonizing the well-organized, peaceful protest staged at Queen’s Park on April 6; her points were all well-taken, supported by logic and reference to the Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

I will, however, echo her concern with Nicholls’ reference “to a premier and government in authority over (those students & teachers).”

I believe Ms. Curry and I – and presumably, all the citizens of the Chatham-Kent Leamington riding and indeed, all Canadians – take pride in our constitutional democracy. We elect governments to represent us and act in our best interest, not whine when they are criticized for acting autocratically and immorally.

I deplore the announced cuts to education; they embody the regressive, backwards-thinking approach to policy this Conservative government has taken.

Ms. Curry implored our MPP to act with integrity and respect, remembering that words have power. Again, her letter speaks for me and ………………

Deborah Brittan




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