Sidewalk extension badly needed

Jan 8 • Letters to the EditorNo Comments on Sidewalk extension badly needed

Sir: Do you think that after the New Year’s Eve tragedy on the corner of St. Clair and Crerar Drive we could get a continuance of the sidewalk along the east side of the guard rail and a foot bridge over the creek on St. Clair Avenue? Even down to Gregory Drive would be wonderful.

We have never understood why the sidewalk was needed this far in the first place. It just never made any sense. The original sidewalk on the west side of St. Clair was perfect.

However, if it needed to be built at all, it could have stopped at the entrance to Kingston Park. Instead it stops in the middle of nowhere … right at the end of Crerar Drive.

This gives people limited options; to turn around and go back, cross over to the original sidewalk on the opposite side or, as some do, take a chance and walk along the guard rail with the traffic! This is not safe under the best of circumstances but when you consider the heavy traffic with an abundance of racing; it was only a matter of time!

How can we make these changes?

Dick O’Neill





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