Kudos to Theatre Kent, Capitol

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Sir: Recently, I was proud to be from Chatham-Kent. My wife and I attended the Theatre Kent special, “40 Years – the Sounds of TK” at the Capitol Theatre. My pride stemmed from two reasons.

The first was the level of performance by everyone involved in the production. We give a lot of attention in this area to sports events and our many, successful local athletes, but now I know that we also have a great many local, very talented, live theatre performers and musicians.

Their class and talent were really evident, from the first planners to the orchestra to the singers, dancers and choruses. The high level of commitment by all involved showed up in all of the numbers, and the entire evening moved along very professionally, as the audience proved by their applause for every segment, all night.

Theatre Kent has given us so much talent over the years, and this show provided it once again. Kudos to all.

The second reason was the venue chosen – the Capitol Theatre. This evening would have been really good at the Cultural Centre or any other location, but the facilities at the Capitol helped to make it outstanding.

I have been a barbershopper for 50 years and have sung and/or competed at theatres, auditoriums, banquet halls, arenas and many other locations all over Ontario, and believe me, the Capitol is as good as it gets, anywhere. The theatre inside is magnificent, the stage is outstanding and can easily handle the more than 60 people and musicians that were all on stage together many times.

The sound system, lighting and backdrops were first class and added so much to the show.

Also, there is really not a bad seat in the house.

I know we spent a lot of money to get the Capitol to where it is today, but it is worth it. If you have yet been there, at least put it on your bucket list; you won’t regret it.

Finally, once again to all of you talented people and Theatre Kent, thanks for a truly great evening.

Frank Sysel




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