Ward 6 Marjorie Crew


Community involvement is something I have always valued deeply. It is very important to me that to continue to have a positive and responsible role in strengthening and moving Chatham-Kent forward. Chatham-Kent must have a diverse group of representatives to make important decisions that affect all of our citizens.

I want to work to build a progressive, vibrant and safe community that will be welcoming to new citizens as well as retain our future generations.

Whatever the challenge or direction, Chatham-Kent 2018 council will need to work together and communicate with one another in a positive, meaningful way to produce outcomes that benefits us all as a whole.

I have always used my life experience, integrity and honesty when making decisions on behalf of our citizens and I will continue to do this for you as your Ward 6 Councillor in Chatham-Kent.

  1. Do you support increasing funding for infrastructure given the fact several culverts and bridges – including the Third Street Bridge – have had emergency issues and closures recently?

Yes- This has always been an underfunded area in CK. Our bridges and roads are important to our agriculture, industry and tourism to name a few. We continually look at new, innovative and possibly more efficient methods to stretch our dollars even further.

  1. Would you support a tax freeze or rollback if it meant reduced staff and/or services?

No- This is clearly a budget discussion that should be debated and discussed with council as well as input from the community/citizens that could be impacted by a reduction in services. Staffing levels are reviewed on a regular basis ensuring efficiencies and effective service delivery.

  1. Would you support shifting some services to the private sector if those services could be done more efficiently that way?

Yes- We already do this with many services.  There are always other areas that we can collaborate with community agencies to fill gaps in service- example .. transportation.

  1. Do you believe we need a municipal ombudsman or ethics commissioner?

Yes- Accountability and transparency are important to good government.

  1. Do you support investigating a reduction in the number of council members?

No- overall I believe that we are so large geographically and local councillors understand their area issues.   Fewer councillors will require them to be full time. This may not be enticing to younger people to participate in local government and access to your councilor would be limited.

  1. Should the municipality try to land an Ontario Cannabis Store as soon as possible?

Yes- This is an economic opportunity that we cannot ignore. We must be responsible with the proper zoning and planning processes, including safety and enforcement details in this process. The time frame from the provincial government to make this decision is a tight one that will be challenging to the new council.

  1. Should council be more proactive in terms of working with landowners with contaminated wells?


  1. Some critics say the municipal building department is an impediment to development in C-K. Do you agree?

Unsure. I have heard this but I have no facts at this point. As a council we need to ask questions and investigate when these concerns are brought forward – then direct corrective action if needed.   We need to ensure our processes are user friendly but at the same time do not expose the Municipality to risk.

  1. Do you believe Chatham needs a new twin-pad arena?

I have always supported new twin pad arena. It has changed over the years to a sports complex. I would still support this with a plan to fund and sustain this facility.   Families often look for opportunities to keep active when exploring new places to live. The economic spin off from a complex would be important to local businesses.

  1. Should the municipality cut back on its expenditures for overseas economic development efforts?

Yes- Our focus should be on investing mainly in southwestern Ontario but not exclusively.   We need to be open to all opportunities but a stronger focus on our area of the world as we promote CK as open for business.

  1. Should municipal councillors ever be forced to go the Freedom of Information route when seeking municipal information?

Yes- There may be personal information that is protected by privacy legislation and councillors are not exempt.

  1. Should members of the public have more access to municipal information without having to resort to an FOI?

Yes- we should be more transparent with these requests while protecting privacy and concerns around confidential matters of CK (Human resources, negotiations, land purchases, etc. )


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