Ward 5 Carmen McGregor


As a Wallaceburg councillor, I have provided dedication and loyalty that includes participation and representation at the council table, Provincially, within Chatham-Kent and most important within Wallaceburg.

Throughout the past term, I have gained valuable knowledge that I have combined with my experience as a school board trustee and a community volunteer.

I understand the operations of the municipality and the people who work and represent Chatham-Kent.

I fully understand the commitment that is required as I have dedicated myself to my position as your Councillor.

You can count on me to be on the ground during emergent issues to meet Wallaceburg’s needs. For further information visit carmenmcgregor.ca.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you once again and I ask for your vote.

  1. Do you support increasing funding for infrastructure given the fact several culverts and bridges – including the Third Street Bridge – have had emergency issues and closures recently?

No. During the last term we dedicated 1% annually for the next 20 years to meet our infrastructure needs of our bridges, roads and culverts. We also have reserves to use during the times of emergency.

  1. Would you support a tax freeze or rollback if it meant reduced staff and/or services?

No. I believe we need to keep pace with CPI to remain competitive and to attract businesses that will increase population.

  1. Would you support shifting some services to the private sector if those services could be done more efficiently that way?

Yes. If there are efficiencies to be found then it is our responsibility. It would not be easy due to the many different union contracts that we have in place that represent our staff.

  1. Do you believe we need a municipal ombudsman or ethics commissioner?

Yes. I believe it helps with transparency for our citizens and provides a service to councillors when they are in question of their position.

  1. Do you support investigating a reduction in the number of council members?

Yes. I believe it needs to be reviewed as it has been 20 years since amalgamation. I also think that Chatham needs to be divided up among all wards.

  1. Should the municipality try to land an Ontario Cannabis Store as soon as possible?

Yes. If we don’t we will only lose revenue to our neighbouring communities.

  1. Should council be more proactive in terms of working with landowners with contaminated wells?

Yes. Council should provide the support and assistance in dealing with the province and the wind company to rectify and restore their water issues to the quality pre-turbines.

  1. Some critics say the municipal building department is an impediment to development in C-K. Do you agree?

No. because they are following regulations set out by Province and the municipality. As a councillor I would be willing to assist business to navigate the system, I would also be willing to have a review initiated to determine if there are better ways for our building department to do business

  1. Do you believe Chatham needs a new twin-pad arena?

Yes. I think that it is time to replace the two arenas that are in need of major repair to continue operation. I do not believe that we can afford a major sportsplex at this time.

  1. Should the municipality cut back on its expenditures for overseas economic development efforts? No. I believe we should always continue to investigate foreign and national investment along with supporting local business to bring jobs to Chatham-Kent
  2. Should municipal councillors ever be forced to go the Freedom of Information route when seeking municipal information?

Yes. But it completely depends the nature of the request.

  1. Should members of the public have more access to municipal information without having to resort to an FOI?

No. There needs be a record and accounting for the reason of the request and the staff time that is required to complete it.


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