Dawn ‘H’ station up and running


Union Gas’ Dawn ‘H’ compressor station in the Township of Dawn-Euphemia is in service. Operating at 44,500 Horsepower, the $250 million expansion increases capacity on the Union Gas Dawn-Parkway natural gas transmission system and helps improve operations.

The Union Gas Dawn-Parkway natural gas transmission and compressor system (called the Dawn-Parkway System), moves natural gas through Ontario from the Dawn Hub just north of Chatham-Kent and east to the Parkway facility near Mississauga via a series of pipelines and compressor stations.

At Parkway, the system connects with other pipelines to serve more than 10-million downstream consumers in the Toronto area, Quebec, eastern Canada and the U.S. northeast.

Union Gas has invested more than $1.5 billion between 2015 and 2017 to expand the Dawn-Parkway natural gas pipeline and compressor system. Local communities will benefit by more than $377,000 in incremental property taxes that Union Gas will pay annually.

“The Dawn-Parkway System is critical to meet the demand for safe and affordable natural gas to communities across Ontario and markets beyond,” said Paul Rietdyk, vice president, engineering, construction and storage transmission operations, Union Gas Limited, in a media release.  “Our investment of $250 million into the Dawn ‘H’ compressor station will ensure the continued reliable movement of natural gas and serve an increased need for compression along the Dawn-Parkway transmission system.”

Compressor stations play an important role in moving natural gas through vast pipeline networks. On its journey, gas is compressed, or pushed towards end users. Over distance, friction in pipelines slow the natural gas and reduces the pressure. Strategically located compressor stations maintain pressure and speed of natural gas.



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