Most wonderful time of the year?


How are all the parents of school-aged kids out there? Order has returned from a summer of chaos for many.

I used to feel the same way, looking forward to the return of the school year, but with Brenna now aged 16, the summer was more of a smooth process than the old days of chaos.

Then again, the fact she has a boyfriend with his own vehicle might have spoiled Mary Beth and me.

But the fall shuttle service is back in full swing. With her man Matt away at school, we’re the prime drivers again. She likes to sleep in as late as possible in the morning, so her prime option is to catch a ride from me just in time to get to school before the bell goes.

And then there is the delivery to and from her dance classes numerous times a week.

Our old office was a short walk from her school, but now we’re across town, so she has no option to walk here after school. More bus rides home for her.

School being in session means getting lunches ready on a daily basis. We drop that requirement in her lap, but I know there will be more than a few times where one of us parents will have to put it together for the girl who is perennially running late (I did the same thing as a kid, but don’t tell her that).

So, while people with young kids are cheering the return of structure after a summer of “I’m bored; there’s nothing to do,” we’re on the other end of the spectrum. Plus, it means the start of another school year. Time flies.


Kind gesture

I must say a word of thanks to Jean, a reader who sent us a kind “Congratulations” note recently.

Jean also sent us a Tim Horton’s gift card for days when stress levels are running high.

She said a muffin is a “guaranteed way to lower blood pressure (and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything!!).”

Jean, there are some days where we will all choose to believe it. Your gift is greatly appreciated. And we’ve already tapped into it.


Why can’t we be like that?

Pet owners, chance are you have looked over at one time or another and discovered your pet fast asleep in an awkward position or place that should you mimic would leave you in need of a visit to your chiropractor.

Dog owners are familiar with their pooches fast asleep on their backs, legs in the air, on a hard surface, for example.

Our cat, Finn, will sleep basically anywhere and in any position. Sure, he loves crawling up onto the recliner to sleep between my legs, but he’ll take up slumber residence most anywhere. I’ve spotted him on various couches and chairs, sometimes partially on his side at his hindquarters, and on his back at his shoulders, with his head hanging off the couch.

He was comfy, but I ached just looking at the guy.

Or he’ll find a cardboard box set aside for recyclables in the basement and catch a nap inside it.

He’ll vanish into the laundry room/workroom area for hours at a time as well, no doubt enjoying a secret slumber location in there too.

As for me, I’m good for a few hours in the bed at night, following a few hours in a recliner. My back and hips have become quite temperamental over the years.


I know I’m not alone

How many other folks out there come across an e-mail address or phone number in your contacts list, a friend or follower on social media who is a dearly departed loved one or friend and you just can’t delete the person?

I have acquaintances and close friends who have passed away, and for whatever reason, I just can’t remove them from my list of friends on Facebook, or take them off my contact list on my cell phone.

It’s as though if I do that, their memory will be deleted from me.

I know it’s not true, but I just can’t hit “delete.”


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