Hot, humid weather lingers


This from the municipality:

Environment and Climate Change Canada is predicting hot and/or humid weather will continue through tomorrow, August 29th, 2018. Dr. David Colby, Medical Officer of Health, Chatham-Kent Public Health is issuing an Extended Heat Warning as a reminder to everyone in the area. In high temperatures and humidity, your body may not be able to cool properly which can lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. An extended heat warning is issued in Chatham-Kent when three or more consecutive days are forecasted to have a daytime high temperature greater than or equal to 31°C and a night time temperature greater than or equal to 21°C or a humidex greater than 42 °C.

Symptoms of heat-related illness may include: rapid breathing, dizziness or fainting, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, extreme thirst and decreased urination with unusually dark yellow urine. If anyone has these symptoms, we suggest the following to cool off as soon as possible: move to a shaded or air conditioned area, drink plenty of fluids, and rest. Contact your health care practitioner, a friend and/or a family member. Heat strokes are considered a medical emergency. Call 911 or your local emergency number immediately if you are caring for someone who has a high body temperature, is unconscious, confused or has stopped sweating. Friends, family and neighbours should check on those who may be vulnerable and subject to any symptoms of overheating and who may need help keeping cool or taking other preventative actions.

The Chatham-Kent Health Unit would like to remind residents that heat related illness is serious and can affect the elderly, very young, people with chronic illnesses, and even healthy people if they participate in strenuous activities and do not take precautions.

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