Unhappy over expensive service call

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Sir: In January, my utility company changed my meter because it was old. OK, no problem with that.

After the meter was changed, the technician came into house to light the pilot lights.

During his inspection of the appliances, he moved the kitchen stove out to check behind it then shoved it back. Everything seemed OK until a couple of days later when we went to use the oven. It would not work. We called a repair man and he checked out stove. He could not find anything mechanically wrong with it. Upon further investigation, he noticed the gas valve behind the stove was partially closed. Once he opened valve the oven was working again.

The repair technician figured that when the stove was pulled out to inspect behind it, the electrical cord became tangled with the valve, thereby partially closing it.

We called the utility company’s customer service, and to make a long story short, they are denying any responsibility saying they did not physically touch the valve, therefore, they deny any responsibility.

I am saying if the stove had not been moved, I would not have a repair bill for $133.34.

No justice when dealing with large utility companies. It would appear they just don’t care

Gary Peck




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