Micro Age earns IT award

Micro Age Chatham’s Wally Romansky shows off the award the office received after being named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies by Techno Planet.


A Chatham business received high praise recently, being named as one of Canada’s 50 best managed IT companies.

Micro Age Chatham made the list, compiled by tech firm Techno Planet.

In fact, according to Wally Romansky, general manager of Micro Age Chatham, a total of six Micro Age locations made the list out of 500 businesses in the running.

Romansky said Techno Planet is a business development company, and it had a long list of questions for the business to complete.

“There were about 200 questions. It was a detailed report,” he said.

Romansky said the award highlights how well the company operates.

“We have monthly meetings with other Micro Age stores to set goals and accountability,” he said. “This sets consistency.”

Romansky added Micro Age staff are the lifeblood of the business.

“Our staff have been with us a long time. This is a team award. The whole team is committed to solid customer service and to continue to improve,” he said. “Some of our senior techs have been with us over 20 years.”

He added being partnered with Maple City Business Solutions also augments Micro Age’s performance locally.

“Our relationship with MC Business Solutions helps as we work closely with one another and introduce each other to our customers,” Romansky said. “In fact, when we (Micro Age) started here, we had an advantage – working with MC Office Supplies we had all the customer support already in place. It all plays into where we ended up now.”

In regard to the awards, he said in the past, Techno Planet conducted assessments of various IT companies, but this year opted to turn it into an awards evening.

Romansky said he had no idea Micro Age Chatham would be an award recipient.

“We were pleased to be recognized. It was a surprise, but with the good team we have here, it’s much appreciated,” he said.

Micro Age came into existence in 1985, just as the personal computers first came onto the scene.




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