Sertomas support local children’s needs

Children’s Treatment Centre staff celebrate with Sertoma Foundation of Canada president Tammy Craeymeersch over the donation of $250,000 from the Sertomas to the centre’s Butterfly Building Fund.

The solid relationship between the Sertoma Foundation of Canada and the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent got even stronger recently.

The Sertomas donated a quarter of a million dollars towards the centre’s Butterfly Building Campaign on Feb. 1.

The Children’s Treatment Centre provides services to one in nine children and youth in Chatham-Kent, and is expected to serve one in five by 2019.

The CTC-CK’s Butterfly Building Campaign will support building a larger, state-of-the-art facility that will better accommodate the growing caseload. It will be built on McNaughton Avenue West.

“The Sertoma Foundation of Canada helped fund the CTC’s current building’s Audiology wing, and we wanted to carry on the support of this program to the future building to meet the needs and services of our community” Tammy Craeymeersch, president of the Sertoma Foundation of Canada, said in a media release.

Since receiving funding for the existing building in 1984, the Centre has grown from serving 237 clients to now serving nearly 3,100.

The Sertoma Foundation has provided significant, annual support to the CTC-CK’s Audiology and Speech Therapy programs for the past five years.

The Children’s Treatment Centre and Foundation are excited about the Sertoma Foundation of Canada’s continued support of the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation, and commitment to helping the children and youth in Chatham-Kent, of all abilities, reach their full potential.


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