Where is the other lane?


Sir: There has been much controversy and discussion and meeting about the Highway 401 centre concrete abutment or posts with steel cables for protection or avoidance of vehicles crossing throgh the media and into the oncoming lanes.

Nowhere has there been any discussion of the cause of the real problem – why the third lane has not been completed from Tilbury to London with centre concrete like there is from Windsor to Tilbury and from London to Toronto. Why has this been neglected?

This past summer we have seen construction on Hwy. 401 from Tilbury to Bloomfield Road with no centre abutment. We all know this has been done without a third lane – why?

If our provincial government had done its job completing the 401 from Tilbury to London, we would not be having this discussion.

If you have travelled in the Toronto area, you will have noticed billions of dollars being spent while neglecting a much-needed third lane on our section of the 401.

It’s time our politicians start addressing the real issues about why this has not been done with the extremely heavy truck traffic.

Ed Koke



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