WWF protest shut down by court decision


The judge hearing the case for an injunction against Water Wells First members protest at a turbine construction has ruled in favour of the wind farm company.

According to a written statement from Pattern Energy spokesperson Matt Dallas Monday afternoon, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice issued an order “restraining and preventing anyone from blockading, obstructing, or impeding access to any of the construction sites” for the North Kent 1 wind farm project. The court also lifted the North Kent Wind’s prior agreement not to engage in construction activity at the T5 site.

“The court noted in its decision that a settlement was reached between North Kent Wind and

Kevin Jakubec. As part of the settlement, Mr. Jakubec agreed that he shall not trespass on the

Wind Project Lands, block access to the Wind Project Lands or otherwise unlawfully interfere or

counsel others to interfere with the Project,” Dallas noted in his statement. “North Kent Wind respects the right of citizens who disagree with renewable wind energy or the project to have their voices heard.”

The motion for injunctive relief became necessary because some protestors were engaging in

what North Kent Wind believed was unlawful conduct, including setting up blockades and

trespassing on private property. The activities of the protestors escalated to the point where

North Kent Wind determined that it could not continue to operate in that environment, and had concerns about the safety of workers and protestors alike.

North Kent Wind does not wish harm to befall anyone, either those opposed to the project or those working on the project, Dallas noted.

Justice Kirk Monroe announced his decision Monday afternoon after hearing both sides of the argument at a hearing Sept. 29.

WWF spokesperson Kevin Jakubec could not be reached for comment by press deadline.


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