Man gets billed 55 cents by C-K

A local man who is moving back to Cornwall was stunned to recently receive a tax bill from the municipality for 55 cents.

One municipal resident who is leaving Chatham to move back to Cornwall is leaving with a bad taste in his month.

The south-side resident, who didn’t wish to give his name, just the initials HRP, said he is disgusted that after paying his taxes of almost $3,000 per year on time by pre-authorized payment for 10 years, he was notified by the municipal tax office that he had to pay a $0.55 bill before his account could be cleared.

He paid the $0.55 as he was advised to by his lawyer and was told at city hall the amount was the balance of his taxes for August.

“It’s not about the 55 cents. I’m surprised the city of Chatham-Kent needs to collect a 55-cent tax bill,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, Chatham-Kent as they are called, never did sweet nothing for me.”

He has sold his house and is moving back to eastern Ontario within the next month.

“Kids 20 to 25 years old are looking for jobs and can’t find nothing,” he added. “The people in Chatham, though, are nice people; friendly people always ready to help, but the city doesn’t do anything for the people here. The mayor and councilors don’t do sweet nothing.”

The municipal tax office was asked if there was any amount owing during the house sale process and provided the answer.




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