Feds help fund greening effort


The joint effort by Greenfield Global and Truly Green Farms to reduce their collective carbon footprint turned heads as far away as Ottawa.

The federal government announced recently it will loan $3.7 million to help close the loop on an $8-million project to send waste heat and carbon dioxide from Greenfield Global’s corn-based alcohol producing plant to Truly Green Farms’ greenhouse facility across the road. The greenhouse also sees a future where the organic waste from their production could be used as feedstock for new biofuels that could be exported globally.

“This announcement along the Bloomfield Road corridor is another signal it is a growing hub of innovation with a prominent concentration of highly qualified people developing and adopting new energy concepts,” said Geoff Wright, economic development officer with the municipality. “Our companies take your ideas and bring them to life. Chatham-Kent where global leaders do business.”




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