Weed pulling a part of BIA’s regular efforts


Chatham’s downtown sidewalk construction has actually had an impact on the number of weeds in the downtown core.

The green invaders have had fewer places to take root, or have been ripped up, as old cracked and heaved sidewalks have been replaced with new concrete.

Still, the Historic Downtown Chatham BIA said it’s been a nasty summer for weed growth in the core.

Connie Beneteau of the BIA said the group set up a joint effort, as Union Gas’ Helping Hands folks came down to assist with beautification efforts recently, and the municipality has allocated students to the effort.

Paul Shettel, co-chair of the BIA, said the sidewalk work has been both good and bad in terms of impacting the battle against weeds.

“With the construction, it’s hard to do anything. We do the best we can as volunteers,” he said. “But with the new sidewalks, there won’t be as many places for the weeds to grow.”

The BIA officials added much of the remaining weeds in the downtown core are on private property.


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