Tax notice error corrected



An internal mailing issue which led to some Chatham-Kent property owners receiving two pre-authorized payment notices with differing amounts has been corrected, according to municipal officials.

Approximately 9,000 property owners who pay their taxes monthly through pre-authorized payments received July notices that didn’t include updated 2017 figures.

When the error was discovered, revised notices which listed the correct amounts were mailed to taxpayers.

The new amounts include the 1.96 per cent tax increase approved by council this year, but may also reflect any changes as a result of provincial property reassessment which took place in 2016.

Only the correct payment from the revised notice will be deducted from taxpayers. Property owners will not have dual withdrawals from their accounts.

Municipal staff are investigating how the error happened to prevent its reoccurrence.

If residents still have any questions regarding their payments, please call 519-360-1998.





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