Animal cruelty culprits still at large


Sir: I haven’t forgotten the cat that had to be euthanized after being thrown from a moving truck heading towards Dresden in November of 2016. Unfortunately, so far the perpetrators of this crime have not been identified.

There was a witness who assisted the severely injured cat and was able to provide a description of the truck and its distinctive features. The police are asking for the public’s help, and I’d like to take this opportunity to provide the details of this truck again.

It was described as a lifted late-model single-cab Chevrolet Duramax diesel 4×4 pickup. It also has LED headlights, aftermarket taillights, tinted windows and a loud exhaust. It was last seen heading towards Dresden.

It makes me feel sick to think that these people may have enjoyed Christmas with family and friends, and have forgotten how they deliberately caused suffering to an innocent animal. What makes me feel even worse is that someone within the family, friends, neighbours or a community member recognizes that truck, knows the driver and is protecting them. Maybe they think it was no big deal, but the people who did this need some psychological help before they hurt another animal or child so they can feel power over something vulnerable.

There should also be justice for a cat that probably needed love and instead found hatred.

It’s a new year, so I hope whoever can identify the owner of this truck will start off with compassion for all living creatures. Please make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or you can now e-mail or text your tips anonymously as well.

Mary Humphrey





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