Wallaceburg student, 12, charged with assault



A 12-year-old Wallaceburg student has been charged with assault, according to Chatham-Kent police.

Police responded to an assault complaint at a school in Wallaceburg on Monday and learned that a student had assaulted a school official.  The student was suspended and left the school property before the police arrived.

Last night, police located the student and he was charged with assault.  The 12-year-old Wallaceburg boy will be required to attend court on Nov. 28.




  1. WOW, same thing happened at Sir John Moore in Corunna on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How bad is it when our kids home from school weekly and tell us about the same kid doing BAD stuff, and this time he crossed into assaulting an adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE THAN ONCE. Kudos to the “adult employee” for being understanding and keeping their cool”, I don’t think I would have the same outcome if had been me. That would be the day a kid strikes me multiple times and I would just stand there and take it.NO WAY!
    Maybe there should be rules put into place about students having no regard for their teachers and school staff and expect them to take the punches and kicks without any consequences! One strike at a school employee and your out!!!!!!! That’s what I think! Parents and Grandparents taking care of children need to realize how much stuff like that effects the the school as a whole and how dangerous an out of control student can be.
    As far as I am concerned these kids need to go to a school of their own, someone is going to wind up hurt bad and it will be too little too late by then. These are the kinds of students who wind up bringing knives and guns to school and killing our kids what then, some kind of policy needs to be put into place for these students!!!!!!!!!


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