C-K railway museum in need of assistance


Sir: I would like to draw to your attention the possible impending closure of Chatham-Kent’s only railway museum, located on a parcel of land in Chatham, between Queen St. S., and William St., beside the VIA Rail line and near our railway station.

I have had a conversation with one of the members of the museum’s volunteers and board of directors.

  He has told me that among the things needed for the museum include a new paint and lettering job on the exterior of  the building, as well as a new set entrance steps and platform and a wheel chair ramp to access the museum.

The museum relies on a small amount of money from bingo and a government grant that allows it to hire a summer student each year to help conduct tours and other business.

There are basically about five older adults  doing almost everything  they can to keep the museum open, but they don’t have  the younger committed volunteers and other support in terms of financial needed to keep their facility running for the long run.  These train museum volunteers are tiring to put it bluntly, and if they cannot get more help, both volunteers and financial they may not be able to keep the museum open past this year.

With changes to the city transit service, the train museum will become more accessible to the general public, but if the museum closes, then what?

I am pitching to all of you to do what ever you can in your resources, to see what is and can be done to keep this little historic gem in our city from closing.

Frank  Doyle





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