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Sir: Jim Blake is to be commended for the stories in the April 28 Voice. The unadulterated truth expertly exposes CKHA’s treatment of Sydenham District Hospital (SDH)!

Something that can’t be said of page 7, “Voice editorial just verbal junk, reader says,” letter by Jane Havens, acting chair of the Public General Hospital board.

On page 18, the CryptoQuote is just perfect! There is nothing so powerful as truth – and often nothing so strong – Daniel Webster.

Some of Ms. Havens “truth” follows:

It’s okay for Chatham people to meet in Chatham, but it’s inappropriate for Wallaceburg people to meet in Wallaceburg, especially 450 of them.

She obviously doesn’t know about the 1,000-plus attendees at the LHIN meeting in the Wallaceburg High School auditorium, sometimes referred to as Clickergate.

Thanks for pointing out that Wallaceburg accounts for only five per cent of the services and program activity of the CKHA. This is about to change, thanks to the SDH Board and members of the community.

As per the Alliance agreement, the percentage of interest is PGH 50 per cent, SJH 33.3 per cent, and SDH 16.7 per cent. Therefore, CKHA you owe us big time – an additional 11.7% of the Ministry of Health revenue allocation this year, and then retroactively for years!

CKHA is the only Alliance dealing treacherously with its smaller partner. The Middlesex Alliance, the HuronPerth Alliance with four partners, and Bluewater Health Alliance with Petrolia are working fine.

So, take the high ground, CKHA, as per your letter. I, on the other hand, will take the low ground as a non-expert, uneducated, uninformed, armchair critic with a paid-up SDH membership while proudly supporting the SDH Board, and the Sydenham-Walpole-St.Clair Region district.

By the way, fictitious this district is not. I attended the Walpole Island First Nation council meeting at the invitation of a great lady, Jean Wrightman, when this group was formed. Good going, Jean!

Anne Stewart



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