Smart, easy decision to save dogs


Sir: In our municipality, we have had individuals arrested for dog fighting. To date, these people have numerous charges against them and three of the 24 dogs (pit bulls) have been already destroyed. The other 21 dogs are housed at an undisclosed location until our justice system works out the details and the outcome for these dogs.

These dogs were unfortunately raised by people who only wanted one thing: to raise them as fighting dogs for their own financial gains.

There have been many organizations who have not asked for money, but only have the best interest at heart and that is to rehabilitate the 21 remaining dogs, which has happened to numerous pit bulls and other dog breeds in the past with much success and they go to forever homes.

The original owners of the 21 dogs have signed them over for rehabilitation, but this has come to a halt.

A law from 1998 of banning pit bulls in Ontario is stopping this transfer in Ontario and out of province. This law can be amended to have them released to one of these organizations that have offered to help these dogs at no cost to our municipality.

If someone puts their hand out and offers you a solution for the positive benefit to all, be gracious enough to accept the offer and then start on amending that law.

For the sake of all dog breeds, save the 21.

Beth Lachine



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