RM not consulted on exhibit closure


Sir: Due to the overwhelming number of visitor and local inquiries regarding the closure of the Chatham-Kent Visitor Information Centre and subsequently, the RM Classic Car Exhibit, we felt it necessary to advise local residents that this information is, in fact, correct. The RM Classic Car Exhibit is now closed and no longer available for public tours.

The municipality has ensured RM that the signage on the 401 relating to the Visitor Information Centre and RM Classic Car Exhibit will be removed as soon as possible to avoid any further confusion to passing travelers and the general public.

In December, RM was informed by the municipality that, on the recommendation of Brain Trust Marketing and Communications, a tourism consulting firm hired by the municipality, the RM Classic Car Exhibit was not, at this time, a high-priority for the tourism sector of Chatham-Kent. We at RM can only assume that this information is accurate in regards to attracting tourism to our area.

We sincerely hope that Brain Trust Marketing and Communications, along with those involved in Chatham-Kent Tourism, thoroughly did their homework prior to making such a decision, as the RM team very much cares about having a healthy tourism sector within our community.

We find it odd that neither Brain Trust Marketing and Communications, nor any of the municipality’s tourism staff, had any communication with the RM management team on this decision. Regardless, when possible, RM and its employees will continue to support school education tours and events such as RetroFest as part of our efforts to promote Chatham-Kent as the “Classic Car Capital” of Canada.

On behalf of the RM team, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

RM Classic Cars Management and Staff


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