Cyclists, please use the street


Sir: I felt I should write and bring this situation to the media again.

Recently, my husband and I were walking to the cultural centre to an event. It was evening, 6:15 p.m. and was more or less dark. As we were on the bridge over the creek, two young women were riding their bikes south on the sidewalk; no lights on the bikes.

One did move onto the road. The other had no intention of doing so.

I stopped and said, “You should be riding here,” pointing to the road.

The answer came back, “You could move, it wouldn’t kill you.”


If by any chance the person to whom this concerns is reading this, we belonged where we were; you did not. If we had moved to the railings on the bridge, there is very little room for anyone to ride a bike past safely on that bridge.

I did say there was a $100 fine now for that infraction. It seems many cyclists still don’t seem to know or don’t want to.

While we have been waiting for a bus at St. Andrew’s Church, which could be less than 10 minutes, we have seen as many as nine bikes on sidewalks across William and Park and Wellington streets. That particular area is a money maker, but it hasn’t been a big issue with the police for years now.

Perhaps when someone really gets hurt, then it will become an issue.

Ruth Draper





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