Let’s hope the new PM listens


Sir: Canadians have voted for change, and at this point we do not know what that change will look like. We must now respect a new government led by Prime Minister elect, Justin Trudeau. I pray that he will be endowed with wisdom as he assumes the awesome responsibility placed on him.

I commend Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his leadership during a difficult decade. There has been considerable criticism directed to him during his time as PM and the election campaign, much of which was unfounded in my opinion.

I am thankful for his decisive action on many issues and wish him well as he embarks on a new phase in his life.

I congratulate Dave Van Kesteren for his re-election as MP in Chatham-Kent Leamington, and I am glad he has recommitted to representing us with the dedication he has in the past.

Nationally the shift to the now Liberal government raises concern. These include: economic implications; the further shift away from our Christian Heritage to “alternative” ideologies; child-care policy; and cancellation of income-splitting that fosters raising children outside the family home; pro-abortion; pro assisted-suicide, to name a few.

To his credit, in his victory speech, Mr. Trudeau promised to listen to the wishes of the people and their respective representatives. I, for one, wish and hope that he will not fulfill all his campaign promises but will re-evaluate each one wisely in light of what is equitable and just for all Canadians.

Oscar DeBoer





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