From one reader to another


Sir: Wonderful to read Stephen Beecroft’s comments in the Voice Oct. 22 praising the Voice that was launched by Bruce Corcoran and Jim Blake.

Yes, Stephen, it’s a great paper. They seem to have done very well. Probably, like you, I wish them all the best for the Voice to continue.

Like you, Stephen, I was brought up with print, having served an apprenticeship for 5 years at bookbinding and printing. I noticed the old Yorkshire Post building is no longer, just like my old firm Waterlows of Dunstable, Beds. That building is now a housing estate. Sign of the times I guess.

I continued with my trade at Southams in Weston, Ont. We did Eaton’s catalogue and TV Guide. Those two have fallen along the wayside also.

It was great to read your story and also your praise for the Voice. Keep your good articles coming Stephen.

Ruth Draper





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