Candidate platform – Mark Vercouteren

Mark Vercouteren
Mark Vercouteren

Mark Vercouteren – Green Party

The job of the government is to make the hard decisions for all Canadians, and always look at the big picture.  Our economy needs to be more adaptable to changes in the world market, and become more sustainable.

I grew up in Chatham-Kent then earned two Bachelor degrees; one in Math, and one in Physics. I have worked in a variety of jobs, in several cities in Ontario, and started my own business in Blenheim.  I see that businesses succeed, and fail based on their ability to see the big picture.  This is what I expect from our government, and not what I am seeing now.  We need to focus more on small businesses and manufacturing to have a stable economy.  We’ve created more jobs with the green energy sector than in the oil sector, green energy is subsidized by $25 billion over 5 years, and oil receives $34 billion each year.

I want a government to make the hard decisions when change is needed.  In the past few years when the courts make a decision on an issue such as gay marriage, marijuana, assisted suicide or sex workers, the same thing happens.  We can’t ban it; a government spokesperson will say how bad the decision is, and that they are against it.  However the Conservatives do nothing about it.  On the issue of assisted suicide we need a law to protect people, which is not what we have now. I promise that as an MP I will follow through on the Green Party’s policy of a Living Will so that people wanting assisted death must give full permission with accountability, and without pressure.  Our government’s job is to take a position on issues to protect Canadians, and not complain that they are helpless because of red tape.


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