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Jim Johnston
Jim Johnston

Jim Johnston – Green Party

For me, this election is about trust. Much as we ran out of trust for the Chretien Liberals, so too have we run out of trust for the Harper Conservatives. There have been so many scandals, so much misinformation, so much secrecy and so little accountability and responsibility.

Former NDP leader Jack Layton once said that “Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair.“ To me, this actually describes the Green Party. The vision of the Green Party is long term, compassionate, all encompassing and is based in best practices. The Green Party believes in conservative fiscal management, but only in concert with strong local communities and a commitment to a sustainable environmental footprint. See our web site for Vision Green!

I came to politics in order to change it. Politicians have a reputation for self interest, for shading the truth and for aggrandizing themselves at the expense of the people they should be representing. My goal is to change that, to represent my constituents (all of them, not just the ones who voted for me). My goal is to be transparent and accountable, to be truthful and balanced in my presentation of information, and to remain a humble servant of the people.

When we reward politicians with our vote, we reinforce the behaviours they exhibit. If they lie to us and we vote for them, they will lie all the more. If they destroy our institutions and we vote for them, they will destroy all the more. Please stop reinforcing the atrocious and unacceptable behaviours of the current government, and consider voting for the Green Party.

Regardless of whom you vote for, please vote, and please encourage others to vote as well. Especially, please encourage young people to vote. Their future depends on it.


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