Candidate platform – Rex Isaac

Rex Isaac
Rex Isaac

Rex Isaac – NDP

An overwhelming participation in this election by the electorate of Lambton/Kent/Middlesex will make this election about real meaningful change because of the Will of the people. We have all sang the words “…we stand on guard for thee.” Let us stand on guard like never before!

Bill C-51: This controversial legislation was passed in spite of overwhelming protests. The new law will give reckless and unnecessary powers to spy agencies and the RCMP, including the ability to detain people who haven’t committed any crime. The NDP are against “secret police” and will repeal this Bill.

In contrast and comparison we look at the Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women and Girls that is disproportionately high compared to the rest of the population and Harper says, “…to be honest, it isn’t high on our radar.”

Global warming is real and will not go away. Protecting fresh water supplies and maintaining ecosystems for future generations must be high on everyone’s radar. It is time we all get involved because everyone of us depends on fresh water for life.

The disparity between the working class and upper class has never been greater. Why is it that a first grader eating her lunch in blissful happiness sits next to her classmate who has nothing? Our economy must embrace everyone with good paying jobs and affordable childcare for all. We must restore confidence in government instead of having a Prime Minister like Harper who has had two recessions in one term! Spending millions on scandal after scandal diminishes the hopes of Canadians who struggle to put a meal on the table.

I will fight for every community in our riding and stand up against inequalities even if it isn’t the most popular thing to do. I will stand on guard, this I promise.


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