Change to mail service unfair for seniors


Sir: In regards to mail delivery service, for years we had a service treating everyone equally – getting our important mail, and our flyers and advertising or junk mail, which

hit the wastebasket as soon as possible. If community mailboxes are provided everywhere, the elderly and disabled will face additional challenges.

Our young people are presently unable to find work, this automated system takes away jobs and is an added expense.

With mail carriers on the street, there is someone aware of the environment, someone to notice if the mail is picked up, someone to say hello or good morning in passing.

We already maintain our individual mailboxes. These new stations take up space and detract from the street. Also it’s another key to lose or misplace.

These individual boxes are smaller than the ones we now own. Will we have to go to the post office to get small packages?

Stamps and services continue to increase in price. Do we not pay federal and provincial taxes? I speak for myself and maybe seniors and the disabled.

Please do not take our delivery away. This does not seem like progress as it is not better for me – getting less service for more expense and causing me personal hardship. If it is not broke, do not fix it.

Speaking on other services, thank You CHAP, Handi Bus, cancer drivers. I have not needed to use Handi Bus lately, but I wonder why they do not use cars for those people who do not require a lift. I find the bus too rough for my condition. I’m glad I am able to drive again.

Marie Smale





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