Round ’em up


police cuffs

A 30 yr old female of Ridgetown, was located and arrested in the area of O’Neill Line and Colby Road. Charged with Possession Under and Flight from Police, she was later released with conditions pending a future court date.

A 25 year old female was observed riding a bicylce in the area of Queen Street and Park Avenue, Chatham. She was known to have a warrant for her arrest. She was brought to the station where when further searched, she was found to be in possession of drugs. She was further charged with this offence and held pending a bail hearing.

A vehicle was stopped in the area of Reaume and Albert Street, Wallaceburg. The 35 year old Wallaceburg man was found to be a Disqualified Driver. In addition he was also charged with several other HTA offences.


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