Pair of domestics lead to charges in C-K



Just one day after the Walk a Mile event raising awareness of violence against women, two apparently angry young men are facing charges due to violence against the opposite sex.

A Blenheim teenager is up on charges following a domestic disturbance in Blenheim yesterday morning.

Police say things got ugly when a man broke a door frame, and then assaulted and threatened a woman when a common-law argument escalated.

A 19-year-old Blenheim man is charged with mischief, uttering threats, and two counts of assault.

Meanwhile in Chatham, a man’s treatment of his common-law wife has led to charges.

Police say the man assaulted the woman Monday morning over possession of property. And as officers investigated, police allege they learned the man was driving erratically and aggressively on Charing Cross road a day earlier, and when the woman – a passenger in the vehicle – went to call 911 out of fear for her life, he threatened to crash the car if she didn’t hang up.

A 28-year old Chatham man faces charges of assault and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.


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